Consumers are coming to expect visibility and transparency into where their food comes from. Recognizing the importance of farming to our health and future, consumers want to make a difference: an impact investment with their purchase. No longer is a snack just a snack, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the world of […]


The Dominican Cacao Alliance has chosen Caballero as its home. Caballero is a municipal district that belongs to the city of Cotui, which is also the capital of Sanchez Ramirez Province. Caballero is at the heart of the island and is an important cacao producing region, despite having to face serious challenges like poor quality […]


We believe that the future of the Dominican Cacao and way of life for our farmers is threatened: The average age of a cacao farmer is 65 years old, which is past the age of retirement. Our industry has seen little interest from the children or grandchildren of farmers. If we do not change this […]

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