Cacao Altagracia

Finca Altagracia
San Francisco de Macorís, Duarte

Antonio is 67 years old. His farm is located in Villa Altagracia, San Cristobal. His pride and joy is in farming and he has worked his land daily for 28 years.

Antonio regards every detail, each tree and plant on the farm. He is a very sweet man and he introduces his wife Balbina as his girlfriend. He has had 11 children with her, and when you question that after 11 children she should be considered his wife. He sweetly insists that since all their children are now gone and they can enjoy each other and she is his girlfriend again.

Antonio’s farm contains a wonderful collection of mixed genetics, with a high percentage of white bean porcelana, criollo, and other heirloom varietals. The topography features gentle slopes with well drained, fertile soil bordering a river. Mixed in are a beautiful variety of Sapote, citrus, passion fruit and other plants that support Antonio and his family.

Tasting Notes

Classic dark chocolate aroma with acidic hints of orange blossom.


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